Build for Netgear R7800

Thanks for the replies once again to both you and sppmaster. Peace and God Bless
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The ath10k-ct wifi LEDs should now be fixed, as Ansuel has pushed my fix to the repo.

When ath10k-ct WiFi driver's version was changed from 6.2 to 6.4 a few days ago, it was overlooked that OpenWrt 's local patches need adjustments too (as ath10k-ct sources contain versioned directory names). I fixed that. The patches also adjust memory consumption etc., so also more things than just LEDs were broken.

There has actually been bugs galore for R7800 in the last week. :frowning:

In addition to the wifi driver patching, netifd was broken for three days with in master and 23.05 regarding bridge and WiFi SSIDs. . That caused some wifi SSIDs to have no actual connectivity.

Additionally, R7800 had no wan connectivity with yesterday's code, due to other netifd changes: "DSA conduit" changes in caused Lan bridge to have wrong MAC. Should now be fixed with

I have not yet tested the latest fix, but hopefully things should again be stable by default (and I can drop the DSA handling revert patch that I added yesterday to temporarily fix wan.)

I built main-r24368-36b1dd75fd-20231112 and it seems to be ok without any additional patches :wink:

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Are the fixes going to be backported to 23.05, or is 23.05 not affected?

I prompted Felix to backport the original netifd bridge fix affecting wifi SSIDs to 23.05 as he had backported new netifd there. That is now already fixed in 23.05.

The DSA problem and the ath10k-ct problem were only in master.

So, to my knowledge, both master and 23.05 are currently ok.
(but buildbot has probably not yet built master, so it is ok to build with the full toolchain, but probably not yet with imagebuilder/auc/attendedsysupgrade/whatever)

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Thanks for all your work :+1:

I compile my own (based on your repo but adding some custom patches, learning on the job :slight_smile: )

This was probably already asked, but I cannot find it: Do you plan to incorporate the NSS improvements from the ipq806 NSS build into this build?

No plans.
I am keeping this quite near the official options. So, no NSS here.

(and R7800 is currently more on backstage in any case. I use wifi6 routers DL-WRX36 and E8450/RT3200 as my current main routers. But I still build R7800 every few weeks)

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Did a fresh official 23.x install.

In LucI:
Set up the wifi APs (didn't bother with a guest network, found that to be a pain last time - never figured out how to have both guest and normal SSIDs appear on both radios [AC and N/legacy])
installed sqm luci package
changed the SQM to fq_codel and "simple"
Followed standard SQM guidelines, set the bandwidth limits to around 90-100% of tested downstream

Now I get A on Bufferbloat test and the bandwidth is near full speed. 230M/13M. Thanks hnyman!

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