Build for Netgear R7800

There is a solution in the works.

I am travelling at this moment but when I am back I can make some instructions to make your own build.


Thanks for the sysupgrade patch. This should fix the issue on my R7800 as well.

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Was this patch supposed to resolve the network performance issue? Because I have just pulled from git and built OpenWRT 23.05 latest for my Linksys EA8500 today and I do not see any difference. Gigabit Ethernet throughput measured with iperf3 is still at 230 Mbit/s

No the patch to resolve the performance issue is still under development

There is a workaround but the definitive solution will probably be different.

Workaround see my github:

How's this "Patch:" vs. the ones in your root folder?

That is the "development" I was talking about.