Build for Netgear R7800

There is a solution in the works.

I am travelling at this moment but when I am back I can make some instructions to make your own build.


Thanks for the sysupgrade patch. This should fix the issue on my R7800 as well.

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Was this patch supposed to resolve the network performance issue? Because I have just pulled from git and built OpenWRT 23.05 latest for my Linksys EA8500 today and I do not see any difference. Gigabit Ethernet throughput measured with iperf3 is still at 230 Mbit/s

No the patch to resolve the performance issue is still under development

There is a workaround but the definitive solution will probably be different.

Workaround see my github:

How's this "Patch:" vs. the ones in your root folder?

That is the "development" I was talking about.


Ansuel has updated the PR 4036 for the DSA transition, and has additionally authored PR 13480 for fixing a major stmmac driver performance issues in upstream Linux (in 5.15 and 6.1).

So, I made a new test build and can achieve much higher performance with R7800 than for years.

bufferbloat gave 318.7 Mbps / 160.8 Mbps with not much latency hit with SQM limits 350/170.

flent gives pretty nice latency with 330/150 Mbit SQM

In June I was able to get similar latency with only 180/140 SQM limits. So, clear improvement.

In comparison: with ipq807x/DL-WRX36 I am able to get similar latency with 360/180 speeds with 380/190 SQM limits. So ipq806x/R7800 scales to rather close to that newer router.

And it was ISP connection constrained, not CPU...

This is the old DSA PR with 6.1 in June:

And this is swconfig (with performance governor) in June:

So, now clearly highly above either of them.


It looks like the solution for K6.1 is different than for K5.15.

So curious about the difference between those kernels

different solution same thing. 5.15 is a plain revert and will stay like that. 6.1 will be major changed (switch to DSA) and can have a better more elaborate solution... the end result is the same and it's fixing a regression in the stmmac driver



Compiled with Ansuel's newer stmmac fix.

See Netgear R7800 exploration (IPQ8065, QCA9984) - #3428 by hnyman

we really need some testing to understand if it's stable and doesn't suffer from the timeout... At least we now have a clue of who was slowing things down...

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I can try it on several R7800s in home environment.
If I pull and compile 23.05 snapshot today will the patch be included by default in the build or I have to add it manually to the build patches before compiling.

Patch should be included, it was added 26th of September

I've compiled on 26th and I cannot be sure the patch has already been added at that moment.
Is there a simple way to check if it was included?
I see only those two inside the patches directory.

Obviously I need this one, right?
Time to compile again.

This is the patch:

So in the patches directory this patch should be present: target/linux/ipq806x/patches-5.15/700-Revert-net-stmmac-Use-hrtimer-for-TX-coalescing.patch

Edit to your Edit: Yes

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Guys not that.. I need testing for master with DSA :frowning:
The revert hrtimer already was merged and we know it works.

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@Ansuel your patches for 6.1 are not committed to the main repository as far as I can see.

Can you confirm that this patch is what we can use to build for K 6.1 (main)?

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@hnyman any news with the testing? I would really love to finally switch this target to DSA


It has been stable since your fix to 13480.
No news since

Looks good to me.