Build for Netgear R7800

He explains this pretty clear, I used his guide to compile my own builds to add in a few items. It's as close to an official build you can get for a R7800.

Anyone having WiFi dropping issues during Facetime calls and FaceTime freezes/stutters?
It started with master Nov 25 version and it continued on stable Dec 08 version.
iPhone Xs, iOS 15.1
Didn’t change any settings, just did a normal sysupgrade flash via LuCi.

edit: Facetime works normally via LTE so it's definitely related to WiFI/router.

Not sure if it's related but I've had disconnects when streaming over WiFi on a laptop and iPhone.
But I also noticed that the router restarted this morning... so it could be related to router reboots too.

This seems fixed in R7800-master-r18371-5a4685cfa2-20211218-1027.
Been running it since the 18th, on ath10k-ct, no dropouts on Facetime.
So whatever it was it's gone now it seems.

Well, there's been updates to mac80211, the kernel and hostapd, my guess would be any of those.

@hnyman Thank you for this build! Is there a reason you upload to Dropbox instead of let's say GitHub or GitLab? In terms of transparency I'd appreciate to be able to look at all the separate commits and changes, also you can publish releases on GH and download from there...

Dropbox originally fit my workflow better, so I have stick to it.

Additionally, as I do not use git commits for the changes, github would not show much in addition to dropbox. My build scripts are tailored to show uncommitted changes and generate patches out of those. I have contemplated about switching to using git commits, but so far I have stick to my original scripts that date from the times when OpenWrt was still SVN based.

All source changes etc. are visible in the patch files available with each build.

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I'm working on my first custom build using hnyman's instructions in this post (since I've been using his build since I got my R7800). I was wondering, where do I put a custom ipk so that I can make it part of the build? I assume i add a line of CONFIG_PACKAGE_<name>=y to the .config file... but where do I put the package itself?

I was guessing in the packages directory... but it didn't look that simple...


sorry, I have met two postions to put the 3rd parties sources, one is /feeds/luci/applications, the other is /package/mytest, both can do a luci-app-mytest or mytest, and I can find it in "make menuconfig" selections(Makefile defined).

You should add the the package line to the config recipe .config.init which you are supposed to copy and expand into the final .config before each build.

You should not need any .ipk as you are building the firmware from source code. Instead, you place the package definitions ( Makefile etc.) into a dir below package/ or feeds/packages/

Once you have added the package definition there, you could also use make menuconfig to add the package line to .config

I don't think I can do this... I don't have a Makefile for it... the package is a download from the creators site. I'll do some more digging and see if it is just buried somewhere and I missed it.

Then your best bet is to download the .ipk to the live router and use opkg to install it.

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Is any getting really long loading times in the admin page and sometimes
this error

Invalid or unexpected token
at async Promise.all (index 3)

I never had such an issue in over 1 year of using R7800.

@hnyman Thank you very much for your work. Using it for a long time already.
Today bought a second R7800 for cheap (25 euro's) to have it as a testing router.


There a way to see the changes between two revisions published by @hnyman?
I.e., once a new build is published, now can I see the changes between the new and previous build? I understand this should be found in the OpenWRT repositories somewhere, just wondering if anyone has found an easy way to track the changes.

Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, the forum is not easy to search in.

@hnyman Many thanks for your work on this build it's working impeccably.


The patch files within the build on Dropbox is maybe what you are searching for:

For example:

Most of the changes are in the OpenWrt repo plus the packages feeds, so you can look at the public git repos for changes based on the revision / git hash. Package version changes can also be seen by comparing the current manifest file to the previous one.

My own (pretty rare) changes can be seen by comparing the the patch files from the previous build to the current one's.

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thanks for maintaining these builds. i use it for my own builds (with a couple of patches of my own etc), it would be great if you could maintain the build scripts + patches in git - but I understand if it doesn't suit your workflow or is too much work.


The build is the first one with the new nftables based firewall4, which is the default OpenWrt firewall since a few days.
I removed (temporarily) banip and bcp38, as they use ipset that is not yet supported by the nftables firewall.

Not sure if SQM and qosify behave/integrate nicely with the new nftables firewall, but they are still included in the build.


Tried updating from a previous master build (begining of January).
Completely broke the firewall.
iptables was (as expected) empty.
nftables showed nothing / couldn't load (via LuCI).
Couldn't open anything. WAN was active, but obviously the firewall was broken/nonexistent.
Reflashed R7800-master-r18609-266b5c83c3-20220117.
So far so good.

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