Build for Netgear R7800


A week ago a change was made in master that changed the default position of file (for DNS).

There is a transition script in master and most users will never see any problem when sysupgrading. (But if you restore an older config to the current master, you might hit trouble.)

The same goes for downgrading from master to 19.07, as the new default is a new directory instead of a plain file. So I added a reverse transition script to my 19.07 build, so that I am still able to seamlessy jump back to 19.07 with my builds.


I'm using @hnyman build and and it is pretty stable I would say :wink:.
(master-r11167-273a6cb562-20191007-ct, 5GHz WLAN, Software flow offloading)


Is there any way you could upload this build somewhere?

The current master build is great and has all of the latest @Ansuel optimizations. :+1: I’d load the latest build and not look back.

new here, also new to the X4S i just got it tonight, set it up and already disappointed with the Bufferbloat, the reason i bought this was because everyone said it has that SQM QoS that is so good, before my router was a tplink with dd-wrt and its buffer score was A, now with stock X4S its showing F and C overall wtf?

i googled to get here and am interested in installing this firmware to see if it helps at all, im interested in good QoS and getting good scores again, so my gaming and streaming wont suffer.

@ACwifidude im going to use this master build firmware on my brand new stock x4s, im guessing this zip is all i need right? i would need to upgrade with the sysupgrade.bin right? :slight_smile: thanks for any help you guys can give me~

things need to set up proprely... i have a 100/20 mb and i have a+.

Thank you, but "great" is not a metric. 50-day uptime, indeed, is.

No. Upgrade from factory firmware is done with -factory.img.

If you're used to DD-WRT, you may also consider using DD-WRT on the R7800, namely Kong's 37495M build, which someone in this thread has been running for a long time without problems:!8ORwGQ4I!njP8fsx9E8OLhN-kBMYmNQ!5CQ2GSwI

However, AFAIK, QoS on DD-WRT has always been wonky. HFSC mode was broken for a long time, don't know if they ever repaired it. HTB was okay, but not for fast-paced online games like COD.

Use the factory.img file in that folder if coming from stock netgear firmware.

Check this out:

Read this section “Preparation: Measure Your Current Speed and Latency”

No need to install any packages hynman’s build has everything you need already installed.

Follow the instructions in this section: “Configuring the SQM Bufferbloat Packages”

You should be able to successfully shape up to ~400-500 mbps (don’t know your internet speed- adjust the settings appropriately to your WAN speeds).

Post up your speedtest and let us know what your results are.

thanks! my xfinity speeds are advertised as up to 250 but get around 300-315 down and anywhere from 10-12 upload, my setup is a Netgear CM1000 docsis 3.1 modem, into the X4S, i had gigabit net but downgraded.

is there a good bit of advantages to using this firmware over stock? i have ironed out some bufferbloat issues and still wondering if i should, thanks again for the help

Speed is both throughput and bufferbloat (lag).

I found that both stock and OpenWRT will get similar throughput, the difference is that OpenWRT will get much better bufferbloat. That turns in to lag free on time sensitive internet - things like video chat (FaceTime, etc) and better gaming (I don’t game any more but remembered the bad old days of ping spikes).

The r7800 is nice because it has an easy way to save yourself if you flash bad firmware (tftp). Hynman’s build is popular and he makes sure it loads on his own devices before he posts his stuff. If you want to improve your bufferbloat and/or want addition options from your router (802.11r roaming, etc) - I’d try out OpenWRT.

going to the router page im now at OpenWRT, have this at bottom: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11966-97940f8766 / LuCI Master git-20.011.66524-83c6227 guess it worked? lots of advanced settings eeek, ill follow your link to SQM management, is there much else i should set out the box? you mentioned better wifi? ill take a look at the openwrt documentation

also, my speeds =

im assuming ill want to set my SQM down and up to like 260,000 down and 8000 up? cause its kbits or whatever lol im so bad at that

after testing it seems SQM is lowering my download to around 100 Mb/s ? hmmm

Awesome. Welcome! Your speedtest already is looking great with the default settings. Upload has a little lag but not much at all.

You could:

  1. hold what you got
  2. enable SQM on only the upload (set upload to 10000, set download to 0)
  3. enable SQM for both upload and download as per @jerrytouille post

Let us know if you have any wIfI particular settings questions so that we can guide you thru the menus.

thanks guys! i did the settings and sadly i get this speed now:

its dropped with SQM on but not sure if its normal or not

Wifi related - my 2.4ghz wifi is left on driver default for Transmit Power is that fine, and i set it to 40Mhz mode

update: i messed with changing the interfaces and i found that setting SQM to wlan1(lan) gave me the best speeds of 320, after swapping through a bunch of others they all limited the speed. - done for the night ill leave it here for now

Well, you could post a speedtest with SQM diasabled as well as the output of cat /etc/config/sqm then we might be able to answer your question (or maybe still not :wink: )

The owner of this thread does not appreciate generic discussions here :slight_smile:

You realize that this works well, if all your internet-traffic flows over wlan1, otherwise cross traffic from other interfaces (wlan0?, LAN) has a decent chance of introducing bufferbloat again.

sorry im new to all this ill disable SQM and go over everything in this build:
my net speed 250Mbps-10up advertised-about 5 wifi devices- i also have a small netgear sidecar router installed by Xfinity for my home security, its plugged into router as well, i dont touch or mess with it.

my speedtest without SQM enabled:

my speedtest with SQM enabled (wan,wan6 interface. 310000 and 10000. cake piece of cake. ethernet w/ overhead 22):

My SQM settings command:

My Interfaces:

software offloading was checked, cpu in performance mode, (i found all these from reading) anything else that would help? for now i'm more inclined to just leave SQM off lol :frowning:

This isn’t related to this build

its using the build though? so its related somewhat right? im troubleshooting in the build, wouldnt it be the place to do so instead of creating a whole new thread and getting 1 reply