Build for Netgear R7800

Yeah im going back to 6755.

I made a normal build without LuCI rollback stuff.


thanks :slight_smile:

I also noticed the rollback build had problems, I messed around with traffic rules and enabled/disabled some, Luci said no changes were made even tho' it did apply the changes.

I then checked with the R6800 build and with that build it said the configuration was applied. So in this case it was more a cosmetic bug.

There has been tweaking of the timing settings of the rollback code in the last few days. I applied the newest version from jow and that fixed most problems.

includes also a fix for SQM and adblock.

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Hi all !
I just received my new Linksys N900 router and i configured it and set it up & i updated the firmware which is the latest and it works but i noticed the speed im getting now with the new router is less than 27 Mbps while with my old TP Link was around 60 Mbps. I did setup both 5 GH & 2.4 GH and tried few tweaks but nothing helped. Whats the optimal configurations for my new router so i can get the highest speed performance?
Thank you in advance

Are you talking about the community build discussed in this topic or about the official build available at

I’ve noticed the same wireless speed issue. Thought it was due to heavy wifi usage in general in my neighbourhood. Both 2.4 and 5 same low speed. Wired no issues.
(edit: using this community firmware)

Weird. I'm seeing much better speeds than that over the wifi with hynman’s current firmware. Have you disabled legacy 802.11b connections?

Thanks for all your efforts hnyman! Your build is working great on my new R7800.

Quick question - ipv6 configuration through luci didn't work at all - there were several problems with the the configuration that luci didn't seem able to fix regardless of what I tweaked & I ended up going in and twiddling with the network & dhcp config by hand until I got something that worked. Should I direct bug reports on this to you or to the general luci / lede/ openwrt crew?

No. There is nothing build-specific regarding ipv6 config in my build.

K. I'll see if I can find the right place to report...


This may likely be the last 1701 build. I may build 17.01 if there are any significant changes, but otherwise there won't be builds.

18.06 has been branched today, so I switch my "stable build" into 18.06. I expect that the 18.06 buildbot get configured in the next few days, after which there will also be normal opkg installable packages.

Right now 18.06 is pretty equal to master, but that may change soon as the core devs may commits more speculative things into master. (e.g. ipq8065 cleanup from dissent1 has been on nbd's staging tree for some time.)

first 18.06 build: owrt1806-r6909-dc7487885e-20180515
Currently there are no 18.06 buildbot packages, so no additional packages can be installed, yet.

Hi all, first time poster - and hnyman thank you for your work on this build and the openwrt project!

Running the bin file from hnyman's build at the top of this thread openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.135.22030-f3b3051) on my R7800. The default /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf file points to openwrt_* which doesn't seem to exist.
I run opkg update and get a bunch of errors about failing to download package lists (new users can't post more then 2 links...)

"Currently there are no 18.06 buildbot packages, so no additional packages can be installed, yet." per the thread.
So once you guys build the packages, where should we point our package repos? Or is that where they are going to be placed?

Buildbot is already crunching packages, Target by Target. But so far only a few targets have been compiled. But not yet arm_cortex-a15_neon-vfpv4/ for r7800.

Some target dependent packages are there already

Currently the distfeeds could be changed to master snapshots downloads, or you can download and install master package .ipks via opkg.

But the 18.06 packages are being generated, so the default in the build will work in a few days.

it's hardware nat supported in your 18.06 owrt1806-r6914-54a864d914-20180518 build?
how to enable?

more besides:
option flow_offloading '1'
option flow_offloading_hw '1'

Naturally no.
Ipq806x is still with kernel 4.9and the the flow offloading requires 4.14,

there are no settings in your build that do not limit the wan to ~ 500Mbps?

There is discussion on developer mailing list but there seems to be kernel size limitations that affect R7800.

You should also read the r7800 exploration thread in forum, as that thread is for this kind of generic device development discussions.