Build for Netgear R7800

Does anyone else have issues in that it takes an extremely long time for lede to boot on the r7800? It takes almost 5 min. Is that normal?

Does not sound normal to me. (if you are talking about a normal reboot)

Yes. I'm talking about just a normal reboot. Hmm.

@hnyman i build a custom image with this compilation flag

-O2 -pipe -mcpu=cortex-a15 -marm -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 -ftree-vectorize

it keeps crashing after i try to enter luci any idea why ?


And as that has nothing to do with my build, please either open an own thread about that, or discuss it in the R7800 exploration thread.

I made a test build with a possible fix for wifi performance problems with kernel 4.9:

The fix is being discussed in R7800 exploration thread:


@Magnetron1.1 mind testing? Would have been helpful

actually it's not a possible... it's a fix... i use that patch from yesterday and no crash no problem... got max speed for my connection

Please see my iperf3 testing in 'Netgear R7800 Exploration' thread.

This fixed my speed issues as well.

What's up with the ping issues by the way? I've noticed that stock firmware has less ping spikes compared to LEDE. Not really too sure why this is. But this has been the case at least since r3560 (first flash of LEDE on my R7800).

I've posted images showing the difference.

  • Test client is an ASUS PCE-AC88 WiFi adapter (Driver ver. 1.558.48.8)
  • Test client is connected via the 5G band for both firmwares
  • Power saving mode is disabled for the client
  • Stock firmware V1.0.2.38 vs. LEDE firmware r3600-d77fe9219a
  • Test period is approximately 4 minutes of pings to using IPv6
  • Both firmwares were flashed correctly and cleanly prior

Test results

Notice on the LEDE firmware the drastically increased ping times for all routes.


Openwrt/LEDE merge is apparently finally progressing and the LEDE source code has got OpenWrt branding during the last few days. Thus the newest LEDE build is branded as "OpenWrt".


installed the new build r5486. It seems to be incompatible with the current strongswan-full package on the repo, even though the kernel version seems to match (uname -r: 4.9.67). When installing strongswan-full I get

Collected errors: satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for strongswan-full: kernel (= 4.9.67-1-ae0421b18b8b2c40290ad677901ace4d)

Also installing it with --force-depends doesn't work. Any idea how to fix this?


There is strict kernel version & options checksum logic for packages that require kernel features. In general, if you want to install kernel packages into private builds, you need to compile the modules into the firmware image itself.

(right now there may be also other fallout from the Openwrt/LEDE branchding changes, but this is likely not about that,)

on last 2 builds I cant get 5ghz wifi up
keep seeing these errors

Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 kernel: [ 123.950730] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 kern.warn kernel: [ 123.953138] ath10k_pci 0000:01:00.0: peer-unmap-event: unknown peer id 1
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: Could not configure driver mode
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211 driver initialization failed.
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.err hostapd: hostapd_free_hapd_data: Interface wlan0 wasn't started
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (3344): cat: can't open '/var/run/': No such file or directory
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (3344): WARNING (wireless_add_process): executable path /usr/sbin/wpad does not match process path ()
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (3344): Command failed: Invalid argument
Sun Dec 10 19:25:03 2017 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (3344): Device setup failed: HOSTAPD_START_FAILED

this is from clean flash


As you have a few performance intensive applications using SSL you might want to enable the O3 option for OpenSSL.

Thanks for the info. Wen't back to 17.0.4 and Strongswan works there. Took me quite some time to get all the packages you installed in your build...

No one know why my 5ghz wifi dont start?
I added logs.
Noticed it happens on all DFS channels. LEDE 17.0.3 which is last one I had DFS worked fine.

For using DFS channels, the kernel needs to scan for DFS over at least one minute, before the interface can be enabled.

Could be a wonky option in /etc/config/wireless.

Just to make sure. do a backup, remove that file and do a fresh wireless configuration through luci.