Build for Linksys EA9500

Yeah, I did it through the web panel. I’ll have pull out the old serial cable now though.

In my experience flashing from the web panel doesn't usually work very well and can lead to problems with things not working if it does go through...specifically Wi-Fi. I would avoid flashing through the web panel at all. Try using MTD over ssh (search for the instructions above) or the serial cable only. I actually permanently affixed my serial cable and ran it out of the case so I didn't have to take the router apart again.

Thanks for your help, I stole your idea and routed my serial cable through the case, good thinking. I re flashed with no luck, but I’ll keep looking for a previous version that may work.

Can anyone help me out.

i bought a second hand ea9500 V1 UK with openwrt preinstalled,
I have tried all methods to get stock reinstalled but always get the bootloop with it rebooting at the ctf.ko fail in CFE

I have tried various openwrt builds with various results but can not find one that gives me all three radios.
currently have 2021-10-10 that npcomplete had working installed but its missing radio2 (2.4Ghz) Radio 0 & 1 are showing as 5Ghz

can anyone help me get stock installed on one partition and help get the missing radio to show.

this is your firewall blocking it (i initially had same issue)

reply for people having same issue to this older post.

Flash with this to get back to stock firmware

Then upgrade the stock firmware to whatever you want

thanks @tryingbe but it appears after chatting to @npcomplete that my 2.4 broadcom chip might be faulty :frowning:

when ever i try to run stock it errors with the ctf.ko which he says indicates one of the wireless is dead (my 2.4 is never there in any firmware)

looks like ill have to run the 9500 as a hub and 5ghz wireless and use a bt hub 4 as an access point supplying 2.4ghz