Build for Linksys EA9500


I both got them already flashed. I assumed i could just flash them back to factory if required.

It could be bad units since both of them have missing radios.


? You don't have the radios in the units ?


They are in the unit. They wont show up properly in the firmware.


In openwrt either?

Stock firmware could be getting stuck trying to load the broadcom firmware for radios it can't find, then hitting that kernel panic. Just a thought.


Thanks for the help, and please let me know if there is anything you need me to do or test as this is not my main router at the moment so I don't mind being a guinea pig for this issue.

and as I'm sure you aware from the post you made I did test the firmware and I am still capped at around 500 like you found as well


Yes. Same in openwrt. 1 unit is missing a 5mhz in openwrt and 1 unit is missing a 2.4mhz


the long way;

I'd be reverting to stock.... then get a dd post reset.... pre firstboot with an initramfs image.....

diff that with the post firstboot dd's and you'll likely find some hints on how the oem system initialises the wifi firmware partition / metadata....

the quick way.... web search like crazy on that manufacturers techniques worldwide with vagely related issues on similar hardware....

if you haven't tested with that would be worth a test too... because something changed in the wifi subsystem detection.....


Make sure to set:

Radio 1: 44Mhz
Radio 3: 153Mhz


Can you include the TCP congestion algorithm BBR and/or YEAH?


Ah, I thought I added it and got distracted by bandwidth issues. Will upload a new build soon.


Stupid question. Where do you input these settings? I dont have any of these choice for radios


network -> wireless -> radio{0,1,2} -> edit


So it wasent a stupid question then lol. Problem is, i dont have these frequency available when i edit. I will try to reflash using your latest build and report back