Build for Linksys EA9500


Did you try performing reset when upgrading?


No. But I chose not to keep the original settings. Lemme try reset the router and then update tonight.


November build still no internet. I was on May build. Tried August and it works. Reset the settings.


When we reflash the May build, we rewrite the /dev/mtd1 in CFE. I found mtd1-6 in dev, so I wonder why do we only re-encode the mtd1?


@hermitman Please try this build and let me know -


Out of town throughout the holiday season. Will try it out once I am back :slight_smile: Thanks for the awesome build. Huge kudo!


@npcomplete the Nov 21st build works perfectly for me so far. I flashed it while keeping my settings. I should note that I'm running mine as a bridged AP and not using the WAN port.


@AliceGrey Thanks for confirmation! I'll upload an updated build later today or earliest by tomorrow.


Tried the updated one and confirm it works.