Build an image that matches my current setup

I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS v2 which was loaded with the stock 19.07.2. I've added apps and utilities to match my needs and I now want to build an image that essentially mimicks my exact setup.

A little about me before I start, I've been a full-time Linux user since 2005 so I'm mildly familiar with the Debian methods of Linux and I've been remastering Linux ISO's since 2002 for personal use and some that have been redistributed over the years.

This of course leads to doing the same with my Router. In relation to OpenWRT, while I've used it in VirtualBox to educate students when I was teaching IT classes, I have never had the hardware to actually play with it, in other words, a quintessential broke hacker born of necessity.

Is there a way to have imagebuilders make read a txt file with the package names only (without version numbers) in an ordered list passed to Imagebuilder make like I've done in Debian based builds with apt, or do I need to carefully rearrange the list into a long string?.

If the above is not advisable, is there another way, or is the only safe way forward to go painstakingly through ImageBuilder to hopefully find and select the right items without creating conflicts.

Thank you in advance.

May be is will be easer to write small script to read package names from file then concat names to string and pass to imagebuilder

P.S. I'm not a developer )

I have to apologise for my question, it must have seemed dumb to those who have experience with OperWRT. My prematurely ageing eyes can have difficulty reading all the text on a page.

For the sake of anyone doing a search, the simplest answers start about 3/4 down the "Using the Imagebuilder" page under the "PACKAGES" and "FILES" Variable titles

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