Build a package/crosscompile for GL-B1300

Download the SDK for crosscompile to our router architecture, ipq806x

Follow this tutorial:

After compiling, the new package -helloworld_1_ipq806x.ipk-, is now located in the bin/ipq806x/packages/base subdirectory of the root SDK directory.

Copy it to the router through ssh:
$ scp helloworld_1_ipq806x.ipk root@
$ ssh root@
root@GL-B1300:~# opkg install helloworld_1_ipq806x.ipk
root@GL-B1300:~# cd ../bin/
root@GL-B1300:~# ./helloworld
Hell! O' world, why won't my code compile?

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I'd start off by trying the OpenWRT instructions and build chain -- not third-party ones.

Hi Jeff, I've tried with the SDK availables in the Downloads sections of OpenWRT, but when I try to install the package, I get an error "Packages for helloworld found, but incompatible with the architectures configured". My router, GL-iNet-B1300 uses an Atheros IPQ4028 Quad-core ARM.

All IPQ40XX devices recently switched from ipq806x to their own ipq40xx target. Try to compile your package against that.

I've downloaded the SDK for ipq40xx target.
When install the pkg in the router:
“Packages for helloworld found, but incompatible with the architectures configured”