Build a new package bareos-filedaemon

Hi all,
I try to build a new package as follows. I have created the following file "/package/bareos/Makefile"

include $(TOPDIR)/
include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/
define Package/bareos
  TITLE:=Bareos FileDaemon
define Package/bareos/description
	bareos filedaemon is a backup client for barios director.
        --enable-client-only \
define Package/bareos/install
        $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/sbin
$(eval $(call BuildPackage,bareos))

I start the build process as follows: "make V=s"
The build process is running on errors:

. . .
Compiling address_conf.c
Compiling alist.c
Compiling attr.c
Compiling attribs.c
Compiling base64.c
Compiling berrno.c
Compiling bget_msg.c
Compiling binflate.c
Compiling bnet_server_tcp.c
Compiling bnet.c
Compiling bpipe.c
Compiling breg.c
Compiling bregex.c
Compiling bsnprintf.c
Compiling bsock.c
Compiling bsock_sctp.c
Compiling bsock_tcp.c
Compiling bsock_udt.c
Compiling bsys.c
Compiling btime.c
Compiling btimers.c
Compiling cbuf.c
Compiling compression.c
Compiling connection_pool.c
Compiling cram-md5.c
Compiling crypto.c
Compiling crypto_cache.c
Compiling crypto_gnutls.c
Compiling crypto_none.c
Compiling crypto_nss.c
Compiling crypto_openssl.c
Compiling crypto_wrap.c
Compiling daemon.c
Compiling devlock.c
Compiling dlist.c
Compiling edit.c
Compiling fnmatch.c
Compiling guid_to_name.c
Compiling hmac.c
Compiling htable.c
Compiling jcr.c
Compiling json.c
Compiling lockmgr.c
Compiling md5.c
Compiling mem_pool.c
Compiling message.c
Compiling mntent_cache.c
mntent_cache.c: In function 'void refresh_mount_cache(mntent_cache_entry_t* (*)(u_int32_t, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*))':
mntent_cache.c:251:27: error: '_PATH_MOUNTED' was not declared in this scope
       if ((fp = setmntent(_PATH_MOUNTED, "r")) == (FILE *)NULL) {
Makefile:208: recipe for target 'mntent_cache.lo' failed
make[5]: *** [mntent_cache.lo] Error 1
. . .

Can you help me where I find the mistake?
Greetings from Stefan Harbich

Hi all,
i have learned the following

This option causes the make process to build only the File daemon and the libraries that
it needs. None of the other daemons, storage tools, nor the console will be built.
Likewise a make install will then only install the File daemon. To cause all daemons
to be built, you will need to do a configuration without this option. This option greatly
facilitates building a Client on a client only machine. When linking a static binary,
the linker needs the static versions of all the libraries that are used, so frequently
users will experience linking errors when this option is used. The first thing to do is
to make sure you have the static glibc library installed on your system.
The second thing to do is the make sure you do not specify
--openssl or --with-python on your ./configure statement as these options
require additional libraries. You may be able to enable those options, but you will
need to load additional static libraries.

How do I load the additional static libraries?

Greetings from Stefan Harbich

good to know, hey have you seen any applications for active connections and reverse geoip, like in chaos calmer openwrt?

Hi sycohexor,
thanks for the hint. Helps me great on my problem. I only say LEDE and OpenWRT.
Greetings from Stefan Harbich