Build 19.07 for Wifi Pineapple Mark V (MK5)

I have a old Wifi Pineapple Mark V (MK5) and like to build a 18.06 or 19.07 image. I only have experience with building for existing devices, but not building for a "unknown" device.
There are source files for a Attitude Adjustment build (not for Chaos Calmer).

How do I build a 18.06 or 19.07 for this device? I think I still has enough resources to run a newer build (16/64MB). It's a waste not using it as a extra AP.

I uploaded the AA source files and CC firmware files to my GitHub repo for anyone who want's to take a look-see.
More info on the device can be found here (wikidevi) or here (HAK5 AA build guide).

I can upload more info on the device like u-boot and dmesg output etc.

An AR9331 should go on the "ath79" target for any future work.

This is a DTS-based target, which tends to be a lot easier (at least in my opinion) to work on than the older mach-style configuration.

Several boards there already that could guide you:


Thanks for the quick reply jeff, I will look into those DTS targets.
The AA build had a mach-style configuration, so I didn't look into DTS.

There may likely be are a lot of "clues" in the mach file you have, especially for things like GPIO assignments.

Also, from image/Makefile

$(eval $(call SingleProfile,TPLINK-LZMA,$(fs_64kraw),MK5,mk5-v1,MK5,ttyATH0,115200,0x6D6B3531,1,16Mlzma))

I'd also develop against master, as 18.06 is pretty much "ancient history" at this point, as the initial branch has been cut for 19.07 and future development is quickly moving to Linux 4.19 and later (once there's an LTS branch past 4.19).

I setup a .dts with info from the AA's mach-mk5.c
I need to look into u-boot as well, because the current one is custom and has pretty limited functionality.

More tinkering tomorrow. It's a pretty deep dive into OpenWRT, compared to just compiling a existing device :crazy_face:

I've uploaded all the new files to my Github, which are required following the OpenWRT "add new device" guide.

I'm still a bit confused about the device name. Where do I need to keep a tp-link reference for compilation?