Bug on EA8300 dual parted


sorry for my english bad.

i found bug on my linksys EA8300 maybe other router dual parted have problem.

i explain to you with exemple :

on kitty : cat /sys/devices/virtual/ubi/ubi0/mtd_num
result = 11 ( 11 is kernel on EA8300 )
go on
flash same version openwrt ( sysupgrade ) and uncheck keep parameter
after reboot, on kitty i have :
cat /sys/devices/virtual/ubi/ubi0/mtd_num
result = 13 ( 13 is ALT_kernel on EA8300 )

why the sysupgrade not install on part 11 ?

bonus for me, is possible for you tell me if firstboot && reboot now is same as reinstalling the same sysupgrade as the current version ? thx

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Sysupgrade always install on the "other" partition. You just killed the OEM failover partition to recover from putting yourself in trouble with OpenWrt.

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Ok I know now ... ^^ is not bug

Again other question, how to upgrade ( sysupgrade only same partition ? And not the second ?

That won't happen, the flash process always flashes the other partition:
[OpenWrt Wiki] Linksys EA8300
"The OEM firmware will remain on the “other” firmware of the two that this device keeps. This device, with OEM or with OpenWrt, “see-saws” between the two sets with every flash. As a result, if you flash from the just-installed OpenWrt, it will overwrite your previous OEM version."

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ok thank you, sorry for "no read manual :confused: "

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There are many posts on EA8300, some are mine, there is a way to upgrade EA8300 which is simple:

  • Install luci-app-advanced-reboot, allows to select which partition to reboot to
  • Backup your config if you are upgrading a working OpenWrt config (backup does not save add-on binaries, just their config)
  • Make sure you write down a list of all add-on you installed (their config is backed-up)
  • Reboot to OEM partition
  • Flash OpenWrt Factory from OEM partition, which reboots to OpenWrt
  • Reinstall all add-on, no config necessary
  • Restore configs from backup
  • You're up and running with upgraded OpenWrt with config restored.

This way you always keep OEM partition as "Known Working State" to initiate an OpenWrt upgrade.


Thanks for the help.

Yes I have already done several sysupgrade and squatchfs

I even restored the oem partition 3 times.

But I didn't know that it overwrites the other partition.

Thanks for the flash tip via the original firmware :wink:

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What procedure did you use to restore OEM partition ?

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my procedure ( adapted on openwrt page on the ea8300 )

##actual :
## show mounted part :
	cat /sys/devices/virtual/ubi/ubi0/mtd_num
## 11 = kernel
## 13 = alt_kernel
## nous pouvons écraser la partition en cour d'utilisation si besoin. pas de problème 

## place firmware linksys on openwrt part on tmp/
## after : 
	mtd erase kernel
## OR
	mtd erase alt_kernel
## AND 
	mtd write /tmp/FW_EA8300_1.1.4.191539_prod.img kernel  
## OR   
	mtd write /tmp/FW_EA8300_1.1.4.191539_prod.img alt_kernel


##kernel :
	fw_setenv boot_part 1
##alt_kernel :  
	fw_setenv boot_part 2
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Thanks, much appreciated !

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no problem, i'm not pro but if possible for help user =)

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