Bug in openvpn luci

Hello, who is exeriencing more the problem in openvpn when you have more than one vpn in the list and you click on the start/stop button the vpn is reacting strange.

If you click on the button of the first vpn the second react or if you click again the first vpn reacts, and when clicking again both vpn are enabled just clicking the start/stop button of the first vpn?

This could also if you click the button of the second vpn.

I'm not sure i have the same problem, from your description hard to try same, but still i don't think i have same problem, at least in snapshot.
I did it in clear last version of microsoft Edge, did you tryed at least 3 browsers? Better from even another device, like phone.. For me look like chrome/firefox filled in addons cause bug..

Did try out in edge same problem is there some way to make a screenvideo?

fwiw, I don't think the Start/Stop button ever behaved properly in previous releases?

If I want to start or stop a VPN instance, I tick or untick the 'Enable' check box, and click on 'Save & Apply' button.

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Okay so that button never worked probaly then that is solved, i hope they will resolve it.

Also something els when starting up openwrt or doing a reboot the vpn is sometime not starting up and needs to be enable with hand, this will generate problem with vpn-policy-routing.

Is there already a bug report for the not correctly working button? Problems can only be fixed when the developers are aware of them.

I don't know if the bug is reported, but i assume with this quote they wil know there might be something wrong with it.
But i will report it at openvpn