Bug FS#34 status

Hi all!
As title says can we have some insights on what`s going on?
This bug affects large device base.

Now I also have problem with Archer C7 V2. 5GHz OK 2.4GHz stops accepting connections after random amount of time... I would really like to use LEDE but in current state is not usable...


Hi again!

Archer C7 is now OK for me, with latest snap.

Can we help to debug WRT160NL issue somehow?
I`m willig to flash anything on it to get logs or whatever required :smiley:


Regrettably, I don't have any answers for you. But I have a couple recommendations for making effective reports.

  • Don't mention two problems (WRT160NL and Archer C7) in the same report. People will only notice one, and ignore the other.

  • If there's already a report in the Bug Tracker (https://bugs.lede-project.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=34) it usually doesn't help to ping in the forum. The people who can fix the problem are reading Flyspray... (I'll note that Felix looked at the problem recently, so the right people are seeing it.)

  • Remember that the development team is working hard right now on the branch to make the first stable release, so they may not be focused on specific devices.

I wish you the best on getting this fixed.


No problem, I`ve opened FS34 on FlySpry :smiley:
I can wait no problem and I appreciate all info I can get from bugtracker or forums and IRC :smiley:


Issue has been fixed, thanks devs!