Bug/feature bounty?

You can do that now, with kvm or docker images, no bounty needed.

I think the aim is the openwrt interface on top of vanilla Linux.

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Well that's a much greater undertaking, which has been discussed on the forum before. To make 'packages' of openwrt core components, in the packaging systems of even the top few distros - which would actually be functional - is going to take way more time than 5 grand would buy.
I'd expect that to be months of hard work, to get something almost no one wants - when virtualisation will work immediately.

Edit: PLUS all the equivalent functionality (network management, wireless control, firewall control etc etc) would need to be disabled / redirected to openwrt functions - across multiple distros.
Up the time needed to a year +

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yes indeed. !

UCI on any linux distro then?

see my edit above - you're going to hit major issues with control system conflicts - the host distro will not like that at all and will also need mods, possibly major ones for a distribution like Ubuntu that has deep integration with their own tools.

For a start your openwrt 'package' would need to remove all the networking controls of systemd, if not remove systemd completely and replace it with init.

Another direction you might investigate is a platform like fiverr, upwork, or freelancer.

Your money is escrowed like you mentioned and then they can do a PR and the whole community benefits.

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Well, LuCI is just a graphical interface for UCI, that is just a configuration management. This is the easy part, but it leads nowhere.

A configuration management is useless, unless it is honored by the systems it is supposed to configure. I can use LuCI to configure my firewall rules, and UCI to store those rules in "/etc/config/firewall", but nothing else will be done, unless...

You make a universal translator from UCI to any firewall configuration system used by any Linux disto.

Or, you adapt all distros to use UCI, instead of their current configuration system.

I do not think 5K are going to be enough here...

and there are already similar admin UIs out there, like webmin.

Yes perhaps 5k is not the correct amount for this particular feature request.
But I guess that would show if there are no takers for a given feature bounty.
Other people that are interested to contribute could then pitch in as to raise the bounty for a feature. I mean if I spend some time really motivating why I think this feature is a good idea then perhaps I can find others that find it of value.

So that is why I believe going on for example fiver and ask someone to do something is not the proper way forward as It would not allow for others to pitch in for a good feature request.

Ok well this is already a bit more what I was thinking than for example a freelance website would be.
Also others could pitch in if I fail to garner interest by setting what I can miss for a feature/bug too low to garner developer interest.
But then we are still stuck on the trust issue as there is no escrow.

Is not there an open source kick starter clone by now ? :slight_smile: or perhaps better suited even for bounties.
Of course me going on about it is mute if there is just no interested from the development community here in such a thing.

Maybe I spoke to soon rejecting it. at first glance it seemed I could not place a bounty on things others have not already asked funding for. I'll dig a little deeper and see if I can create a bounty out of the blue for anytying. I could then spam here pointing to a created bounty

I still can't register. the confirmation email will not arrive. I've made sure I did not made typo's in the email address used.
I have made sure that the filters in place do not block it.

So because I am risking bloating this thread to unreasonable measures by me just going on on on about it.

I will only reply to others if the input is really relevant, or I have found something game changing.

I’ve thought about this issue before. There is an open source project you love, but want features outside your technical expertise - how can you get this done?

I think you’ve got 2 ways. Use the bug bounty program for a more asynchronous approach as previously mentioned. That, or hire a single developer to fix the issue. I think the donate for OpenWRT is for the entirety of the org - which is commendable is a good, but it won’t give you a specific feature but support the entirety.

OK!! it's time to put my money where my mouth is.

I recently discovered in place upgrade.


sure it's not done yet but man am I happy.

Where do I donate 500e? to the individual sub project or to the greater good of all OpenWrt goodness?

Damned I knew OpenWrt was here to stay!!!

it's done. but not 500 euro only 500 USD. we can sue paypal for my inability to make euro donations. :wink:

anyway gang. I am so happy with you all and the marvelous software you guys are creating.

now how is that RiscV support going? I am hyper about that.

Not that I have a board yet that supports it. it's just that if the software is first then the hardware will follow I am assuming :wink:


Maybe you can buy some boards and send them to interested devs...

For example: https://pine64.com/product/star64-model-a-4gb-single-board-computer/ (EDIT: bad example, this one is out of stock, but you get the idea)

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Thank you @vincele ,

I am happy that you tried to keep the spirit alive.

All I find at the moment is dead ends ;(

So I would suggest to keep this thread still open since boutnysource is still in limbo.

I just think this whole OpenWrt and it's crew is the best thing since .......