Bug/feature bounty?

I have tried most all alternatives to OpenWrt and have not yet found anything better.

There are however still shortcomings when viewed from my particular vantage point.

Some of them I can fix my self like most luci gui related aspects and I will get to that and share once I feel the OpenWrt has reached a level of usability for my use case.

For the more low level stuff I am way out of my league and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

So how would the developer community feel for a bounty system on bugs / features?

If such a bounty reward system were to be put in place I can already promise to put in a $1000 on getting better, if not perfect, PCEe support for AP's on x64 systems.

I will admit I have not clearly defined what it is I think I am missing but this is just meant to get the ball rolling. If it ever will.

I have a few more of those bounties ready and waiting as I think OpenWrt is the only thing left between my goals and a safe network. Yet with a few shortcomings when viewed from my vantage point.

as an x86 also user (i also do a x86 platforms on sale) can tell, x86 ap issues not an openwrt lack of features, x86 ap issues - 99% driver and manufacturer issues,(and my guess can't be fixed) there is still no opensource drivers for 25 usd ax210 wich is MUCH more rock solid than an ANY 1000+ usd router but intel..

The whole idea with open source is to share the bugs so they get fixed.
Now you pretty much say you know about them but wont share unless some economic terms are met!?

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I am soo disheartened that my seemingly poor chosen words got soo misunderstood.

Of course I did not mean to say that. Open Source is my middle name!

I meant to say that if a bug is bugging me and perhaps others lets enable a feature to reward the one that fixes it.

Same goes for features.

How else could I have worded my real intend?

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and I just want to make it absolutely clear that in no way was I insinuating that I am sitting on some zero day exploits.

If I were I would have been already trying to find a way to inform the devs of OpenWrt without using a public forum.

No, my intend is good, albeit a bit selfish, but then there is that bounty I am willing to pay so I am not sure about selfishness.

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also I am not referring to a bug hunt bounty program. Nothing like that.

It is meant like. there is a bug one is having issues with and one is willing to donate an x amount of green to get it dealt with.

Same goes for feature request. I have a few and they are all niche. So I believe the only way to get it sorted is to get devs motivated to consider it. Hence the bounty.

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maybe I can suggest a different approach - open the all the bugs + features requests to github and mention that you're willing to sponsor the fix/feature with X $


I would say yes indeed, if there is a trust system in place. I would not like it if I fow to pay 10billion green for feature x and then someone makes it so and then I die or worse and the green never got transferred.
It would taint my legacy.

Maybe an escrow of sorts. I put in x green for feature y and leave it there for like 1 year. The interest can go to the OpenWrt organization. If I die in between then too bad for me and the world. But the bounty is still there.

If after one year I am still alive and the bounty has not been claimed It will be transferred back to me.

ax210 is supported just fine, and has been for quite a while already - but it won't support AP mode, ever.

yes, no need to tell me that there are -very recent- hacks to get that partially working, it's still very limited and doesn't have any chance of getting merged mainline.

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I am still very much serious.

when reading

It does not inspire to donate anything more than I already have in the past.

Are we sure there is no interest from a developer perspective for a bug/feature bounty system? Or something to that effect.

There are some itches that require scratching that I am more than willing to pay 4 digits for.
It's no joke I am not looking for attention.

Please forgive me if I am suggesting anything way out of place here. But I am not yet familiar with the core structure of the current OpenWrt organisation.

Perhaps I can write an email to someone within the organization that is more of a political role and that might otherwise miss my post here.

So this is just my 2cents here - you have to understand first how open source works - just pasionate people writing code (and related activities) out of pure passion not for the monetary compensation.
As for bounties they might work but you d have to post it somewhere else maybe some https://bountysource.com/ or some other paid jobs sites...
Again just my 2cents

yes thank you.

please accept my humble rejection of your 2 cents.

Thank you though for trying to chip in

I mean I have like 25k sitting and waiting for a good cause. I just not know how to spend it

and random posts here in reply to mine is not really helping the goal here is it?

@anyone that can see my well meant financial injection as a good idea. Please contact me and we can talk more.

Ok, I'll try one more time.

I offer 5k to those that can make OpenWrt be side install able on any Linux system.

Any takers?
5k clean in hand, no tax no sh$t

You need to define side installable...

In the same partition, file system, or drive?

valid remark.

I guess this is what I mean.

just run any old linux distro. happy camping.

then just install the good stuff on top of it. now we have UCI, LUCi and all the goodness we know and love.