Bufferbloat and the Great Firewall on China?

I’m going to do a project in China and I’m wondering if someone here has any information regarding bufferbloat (due to) (and) the great chinese firewall??

I should be getting a China telecom fiber 300/30 pppoe line in my apartment.

I’m thinking of using a x86 with aes-ni based router for routing, bufferbloat and vpn. Wireless I will just add whatever cheap (4/32 :wink:) AP’s (actually more like 16/512 MT7621 based, but still “cheap”).

So my question is: because of the firewall and it’s doing (probably) some kind of deep packet inspection (in real time??) does it even make sense to try some form of SQM?

The Great Firewall is not a single big device, it's a set of policies. DPI is one method it employs.

One main feature is that they control all ingress and egress of traffic to and from the country.

So, in that regard, I'm not sure if things like SQM and QoS would even work.


Okay. Thanks. In that case I will not spend a lot of time on trying.

I'd recommend at least spending some time on trying, SQM should work to keep latency as low as possible, even if the firewall does interfere and increase latency due to packet inspection techniques etc, I'd expect it to be worse without SQM.