Buffalo WSR-1166DHP3 compatibility

I own a Buffalo WSR-1166DHP3 router and I would like to flash it with OpenWrt to use it as a VPN server.
I read on the OpenWrt website that the similar model WSR-1166DHP is compatible with OpenWrt:
Can I flash that firmware to the WSR-1166DHP3 model as well?
In case, what is the procedure to follow to flash a new firmware starting from the stock one? (I am not a complete noob so I need just a reference to a tutorial or a rough explanation).
Thank you

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Same question, is OpenWrt compatible with the WSR-1166DHP3 or WSR-1166DHP4 model(the newest)?

Did OP try flashing his, and what were the results?

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I'm interested too...any news.?

Without knowing what's inside, it's little more than a guess, with a bricked router as a possible outcome.

Companies many times use the same model number with different "versions" being completely different devices, from a firmware perspective. Flashing the wrong firmware for the specific device can be unrecoverable.

A boot log would be a good start. The FCC IDs being an alternative that might immediately eliminate flashing a different version, by hopefully being able to read chip markings off the photographs in the filings.

Buffalo WSR-1166DHP3 has a Realtek RTL8197F SoC.
This SoC is not supported in Linux Kernel and OpenWrt now, so this model cannot be supported in OpenWrt.