Budget Router Shopping | Plan A Failed, Plan B Needed, Plan C Dreaded

I cant find an alternate route on that page, maybe something along the line of the TFTP. I am open to try whatever that alternate route may entails, and i also have a TL-WA901ND V5 and that could run older tiny version of openWRT if that works, could be the last hurrah for that piece of mess. The reason i didnt start with that is because of the 4/32 limit, and the kernel level vulnerability that existed. If that could be the way to get an openWRT running then that would be my solution even though its like relying on a bar of soap to lubricate a wheel bearing.


To put it in simpler terms AX+USB+5 ports in 70-100$/€ range are in short and expensive supply in ID,
878 will be C7 without USB the SoC performance wise.

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USB is not in my requirement whatsoever. But thanks for the insight on what the SoC performance could look like.

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