BTRFS file system

Is it safe/stable to use btrfs file system? Has anyone used it extensively on a LEDE router or some other server? I use ZFS on my personal PC and was hoping to use btrfs on the router mainly for its support of checksums.

I didn't notice any problems with btrfs and my external hdd and my tl-wdr3600. It has the same performance as ext4.

It's kinda pointless due to lack of ECC memory and you can safely expect you'll run out of memory fast on low-end devices.

AFAIK (correct me if I'm wrong) checksuming on BTRFS isn't as rock solid as it is on ZFS (on ZFS the checksum is the same for all layers, BTRFS takes a new checksum for each layer, giving data a chance to corrupt while being handled from one layer to another). Also as @diizzy told checksums and/or data may corrupt in memory cause of lack of ECC.

Also personally my trust in BTRFS is low. I didn't check for some time but the last time I tried BTRFS data corrupted (so much for checksums).

Is checksuming really that important for you? If so you might consider compiling ZFS for LEDE or maybe just use XFS (my trust in XFS is also low). If not ext4 or f2fs might suit you better.

my trust in btrfs is also low.
it seems to be optimized for speed, hence the use of crc32 for checksums.

may be not worse than running ext without ECC-memory, but imho zfs is clearly on the winning side in terms of correctness and safety.

Thx everyone for comments. Looks like ext4 is the way to go.

ironic if true since it's slower than ext4

Let say about different points of view. What features of the btrfs are valuable for you? On the fly compression (lzo or gzip) is valuable in my case so right now i'm currently testing one router (old asus wl500gpv1) with btrfs extroot on the usb stick more than 5 month without issues. mount options are noatime,nodiratime,compress=lzo,ssd_spread,noacl,space_cache

I tried BTRFS ~5 years ago. Found its very slow compared to ext4 on HDD. System boots 2-3 times slower. Since then I dont use it. Use ext4 and f2fs

I have also been burned by btrfs. Caution advised. Been using f2fs on extroot.

I would otherwise recommend JFS over BTRFS if your using Hard Drives, and it's also faster than EXT4.
Just look JFS tweaks and set the allocation unit high if you have bigger files.

AFAIK, the Turris Omnia guys use btrfs along with snapshots, rollbacks etc. with openwrt/lede. You may find more information on their forums.