Bthomehub 5 network setup

I've setup my bthomehub 5 following the instructions. It looks like it's connected to my broadband provider. Postoffice fibre.

Anything that's connected to the hub it says no Internet available.

Hope someone can help. Thanks

Can you ping internet resources from console of router?

What's the best way to do this? Sorry still learning. Thanks

Go to Network -> Diagnostics:

It appears your WAN is not assigned to a firewall zone.

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Im now getting the Internet through WiFi but not on LAN

OK, Intenet connection is successfully established. After that, as lleachii has already said, you should check firewall settings. By default wan should be red (on your screen lan is green, because it is assigned to firewall zone). So check firewall settings for wan: zone with masquerading, and forwarding from lan to wan. I don't understand, how you've managed to connect by WiFi.

Seems to be all working now. Not sure what I've done.

Is the firewall settings OK?

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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Firewall is OK. You can also edit configuration files in /etc/config/ manually.

FYI - I renamed the topic to something more meaningful and moved it to the network section.