BTHH5 Revert to Stock firmware without nanddump

Hello, New user here but have used openwrt for some years now.

I own a BT Homehub 5 and have used it as my main router for about a year, but now as I've upgraded my internet connection to gigabit speeds, I have bought a new router and would like to use the BT router as an access point.

So far my experience using it as an access point with the openwrt firmware is not good... I read that the wireless performance using the stock BT firmware should be marginally better, problem is, I bought the router second-hand and don't have a nanddump file to use in order to restore the stock firmware.

Is there a way to restore the original firmware or is it not possible?

assuming you have a nand dump, should be.

As I've mentioned, I do not have a nand dump...

Can it be done with a nanddump file from someone else?

See section 5 of installation guide for instructions how to restore stock firmware. You will need a serial TTL connection to the HH5a, and nanddump file.

Don't be surprised if the stock firmware prevents you from using it as a dumb access point for any length of time. I've witnessed hubs reboot, or shut down their wifi because the stock firmware detects a fault. ie. not finding incoming broadband on grey DSL port.

As well as nanddump file, you will need the admin password associated with the nanddump, as well as the wifi password. The passwords printed on base of your existing hubs won't work with a 3rd party nanddump file.

Update: corrected above URL

yes, any should work, doesn't have to be yours.

The Installation guide from the ebilan forums really stresses that I shouldn't use a nand dump from another router.

Considering the problems you've mentioned, and the potential problems associated with using a nand dump from a different device, I wonder if the revert to the stock firmware is still worth it...

In your opinion (and anyone else who cares to chime in), the reduced reliability is worth the improvement in performance?

You can use nanddump from another hub in practise, but the passwords issue is going to be your biggest stumbling block imho. It's not worth the hassle. Serial adapter will cost you a few quid, then difficulty of connecting cable to the HH5a's circuit board.

fwiw, you'd be better off selling the HH5a on ebay and use the money towards buying a new access point.

At cheap n cheerful end, the Huawei WS5200 is £15 on Amazon (The more expensive AX3 supports wifi 6 and mesh). Hotukdeals reports amazon offering Tenda AC8 for £23. A Xiaomi 4A gigabit (openwrt compatible) is £28 from Scan. All are AC1200 gigabit spec like the dated HH5a and offer dedicated AP mode if your plan is to use it as a second AP to serve another part of the house connected back to your main router with ethernet cable.

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if you really need nanddump i have a pair of dumps from my routers. (with passwords / info too)

Personally thou? sell yours with OpenWrt on it on ebay and pick up a better wifi point. dedicated APs like ubiquiti AC-Lites are between 30-50quid (i saw two go for about that recently) and are a world of difference to wifi speeds and power to a bt hub 5. (it fails horribly because i have concreate walls. the AC-Lite reaches further. Ideally i'd like a NanoHD or a new 6-Lite but getting one is problematic right now.)

Theres two with POE bricks for cheap right now.

I run mine by using a docker container on my router for the ubiquiti dashboard. However i know you can configure them from a phone app too. Stick to stable firmwares as there are issues with newer ones.


Firmware Version

Edit - if anyone wants a Bt Hub5 with openwrt on i have two spare with the nands.

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Well, considering how cheap some of those are, I think I will probably buy one of those instead and use them to replace the BT.

Thank you to all for the help!

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