BT VG3503J firmware upgrade via Luci

Can I upgrade the firmware on this device using luci? It’s currently running Lede 17.01.4 r3560. Looking to use the latest 18.06 firmware.

If you have previously used the web GUI, 18.06 should also work. You may have a config issue, and need to reconfigure your router form scratch.

If you have performance issues, consider 17.04.5.

I have not used the gui before to upgrade on this device it’s relatively new and was purchased pre-installed, I will give it a try. Thanks

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fwiw, if the ECI modem is specifically configured as a VDSL 'bridge modem', you may need to edit the VLAN tag after upgrading to 18.06.x. ie. change ifname 'ptm0.101' to 'dsl0.101' (for UK) in 'physical settings' tab for the 'wan bridge' interface with LuCI.

Ok, will do. Thanks

Upgraded to 18.06, no issues, but just one question, would the modem be able to handle the pppoe protocol? (I.e not bridged) Instead of my router?

You can convert the ECI modem to behave as a 'modem-router' and so it can handle any protocol just like any other LEDE/OpenWRT device, but it wouldn't surprise me if the 'routed' performance is capped if you have FTTC speeds significantly greater than 40mb.

eg. A Home Hub 5A's 'routed' speed runs out of steam at around 70+mbps with 18.06.1 (100+mbps with 17.01.4) to LAN ports, and that has a faster 500MHz Lantiq SoC. I wouldn't like to say what 'routed' speed you'd get with the ECI modem's slower 333MHz....

If you also wished to wire your external router to above ECI 'modem-router', you'd have to configure the other router as a WAP, unless you were happy to live with double-NAT (daisy chained routers) configuration - only a problem if you say you run a web server or similar etc.

imho if you are using a decent wifi router which does not possess a built-in modem, then keep the ECI modem in 'bridge mode' to avoid any degradation in performance.

If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.

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Thanks for the advice, 1 more thing, can I update the Dsl drivers, if so how do you do it? I’m still learning how to use OpenWrt.