BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Type B

In my research into running openWRT on BT Smart Hubs, I have stumbled across the following resources from BT:

Extracting these files there is a lot of mention of OpenWRT. Does this suggest the actual BT firmware could be OpenWRT based? I don't know much about what these files are but felt it may be worth posting them here in case they could lead to the development of OpenWRT for these devices. Hopefully someone more clever than I am can make some sense of these files and work out if they bare any significance.

That is not surprising, at least lantiq, Mediatek and QCA base on (old-) OpenWrt for their official vendor SDK they hand out to the manufacturers (for messing it up further), the question is more about what's not in there (proprietary).

I took some photos of the SoC and radios after washing the blue goop away. This is an EE SmartHub, but it's visually identical to a "type B" BT Smart Hub (with a big slab of pressed aluminium plate serving as a heat spreader held down with 8 small screws).

Imgur album

The SoC part number is S9273N01, and the radios are QCA9980 and QCA9983.

HTH. It would be nice to be able to run OpenWRT on these as they are cheap and are more capable than the HomeHub 5s.

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I have a spare HH6 Type B sitting for years in a storage box. How difficult is it and how much skill does it require to add OpenWrt support for this device?
I know that it is not the hottest device nowadays in terms of capabilities, but considering that there are hundreds (if not thousands) in the UK market and the cost to obtain a used device is very low (<10 GBP), it could be a quick win for many to use as a dumb AP using OpenWrt.

Can't you use it as dump AP with the factory software?

Given than the hassle related to getting the driver (or identifying the chips to begin with), I think it can only be worth it if it's to be used as VDSL modem because there aren't many supported. But I don't know who can and is willing to give it a go. What do you think, @slh.

As a single AP, possibly I can, although I have not explored BT's GUI for that feature yet. The goal is not just to use this device as an AP - I could buy a new AP for 30 EUR and end of story.
With OpenWrt, one could set up fast roaming on an existing multi-AP setup (which is definitely not supported by BT's fw) and of course be up-to-date with security, etc.

I am just wondering IF the project is easy and relatively straightforward or it is really a waste of time. I would be more than happy to test or help out in any way I can, but unfortunately I am not a developer or programmer (I wish I was! - but now it is too late :laughing:).

OK, I don't know the if that supports fast roaming or not, but BT Home Hub 5 Type A supports OpenWrt. It's not as fancy nor as powerful, but it works. Flashing it is a bit difficult though, as making the physical connection is a bit difficult, but once you find the way it will look easier.

I must say that I'd love to see Home Hub 6 Type B supported, but you see this thread is 4 years old, so if nobody was willing in 4 years, it's unlikely this will change now.

I have already flashed 2 x HH5A, the first one since LEDE 17.01, after soldering the cables on the board etc. They still work well indeed.

You are right. If no one has dealt with that so far, it is rather unlikely to get it now.
However,... I am one who is willing to do that, but I feel I lack a lot from the skillset required (programming, knowledge of architecture, etc) to start and finalize successfully this project. You see, I am just an end-user for the last 6 years. I am very happy to start learning and developing though, but someone probably needs to "mentor" me and provide some guidance. And this is an open invitation to everyone who is willing to do that. Please PM if so.