BT Smart Hub 6 Support?

Hello Gents,

I was wondering if there are, or will be, plans for building OpenWrt for BT Smart Hub 6.

There are also two variants of this model: Type A and Type B. I don't know if they will be following what was in their 2 previous models: Type A for Lantiq / QC / Ath and Type B for Boradcom, as I didn't have much info about that. But according to this, the router seems to have interesting specs and is widely available for cheap price.

The down side is that it doesn't have WAN port, but on the other hand it has built-in modem and if feasible, it would be a good option for an all-in-one solution as there are not too many VDSL/ADSL devices supported.

Edit: it should be Smart Hub Type B that's Lantiq.

I could get my hands on a Type A, if anybody would like to work with me on supporting that (if it's possible). I can't find an info about the CPU or the chipset. Found some photo online but all covered by a heatsink

But the specs, according to wikidev are promising (256 MB FLA, 256 MB RAM). The page also mentions Broadcom BCM63137 Dual-core 1 GHz CPU, though, the page is not distinguising Type A from type B, so I can't tell if one type has Lantiq/QC like HH5 or not.

This is an image and a video of Type A. I found it online, so excuse the small size

You may be lucky regarding the wlan cards, as both seem to be covered by brcmfmac - but the xDSL modem (or FXS, if available) will be no go areas. I'm not quite sure about NAND support for bcm63xx, there may have been problems with that combination in the past (still?).

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So, apart form the NAND thing, if xDSL can't be supported, can the device work, in theory, as Router, by using one of the LAN posts as WAN?

That should be possible, yes.

I remember that NAND and Broadcom-ARM weren't a happy camper, but I have no idea if that situation has changed in the mean time.

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