BT Hub 5a Fresh Install, no internet

I'm a bit stuck with setting my BT hub up. When using my TP link Archer C60 v2 also running openwrt it it just works out of the box

The BT homehub openwrt cofiguration seems to be defaulted to use the dsl port instead of the red ethernet named internet on the router. I have changed wlan to to use eth0 which is this port. I have this ethernet hooked up to a virgin super hub which is in modem mode. The device successfully connects to the modem and gets an ip address. I can ping ips without packet loss fine but it does not work with hostnames and says they are unreachable.

I did a cat of /tmp/ and it had two nameservers set so I think everything was okay with this.

Interface wan


I tried setting cloudflare dns for wlan through luci and also set it in the DHCP and DNS page but this did not fix the issue.

One thing I thought was causing the problem was the routers time being 3 months behind but I also changed this in luci and rebooted the router and that didn't help anything either.

Any help would be appreciated as I'm not sure what to do, thankyou

Check for details, I assume you have to set some specific VLAN tag for your ISP.

I'm not aware of anyone posting on this forum they are using a HH5A on with Virgin cable in modem (bridge) mode. It should work in theory.

Refer to section 9.3 (and 9.2) of above mentioned installation guide for HH5A for red-WAN port configuration. Physical interface for 'wan' (not wlan?) should be changed to eth0.2.

btw, if you have M200 or higher speeds from Virgin cable, the HH5A will be too slow.

I would suggest you restore default openwrt factory settings for the HH5A and try setting up from beginning. (ie. turn on hh5a for 2 minutes, stick pin in Reset hole for 10 seconds and release as soon as LED changes colour)

Only other thought is by default, the hardware MAC address of the HH5A changes every time you reboot it when you are specifically using the red WAN port. You have to restart the Virgin modem (only when using modem mode) every time you change the router (different mac address). Otherwise, you might not get a working internet connection. See section 7.9 of the guide to perhaps fix this issue.

Thankyou I will read through this later

Yeah I meant wan, will try out eth0.2

btw, if you have M200 or higher speeds from Virgin cable, the HH5A will be too slow.

Is this not just due to the bug mentioned on the openwrt page?

" The WAN-to-LAN/Wifi performance is degraded for all xrx200 devices since February 2018 due to a bug affecting OpenWrt 18 and later. The bug and solutions are described further down this wiki page. (Should be fine again since this commit)."

I got the BT hub since it has gigabit eth and the Archer C60 only has 100mbit which I didn't realize until like a year after I bought it. Was quite shocked when I found out, I bought it in 2018 and it didn't even cross my mind that a device without gigabit eth ports would even be on sale. Is the bt hub likely to be slower than this?

Thankyou I will reset the settings and start again

I noticed the mac already changing thats not an issue though as I had a script set up to do that on my Archer

Even if you apply the fixes, you simply won't ever get 200 mbps from WAN to LAN on HH5A. See section 7.12 of the installation guide.

You haven't said what speeds you have with Virgin cable, but if you want 200+ mbps throughput, you need a faster router. HH5A won't cut it. Openwrt will always be slower than stock firmware because there is generally little or no support for hardware acceleration features.

Routers like dual core Mediatek powered Asus RT-AC57u v1 or quad core Linksys EA6350 v3 can be found for around 20 to 30 quid on ebay UK for better WAN to LAN speeds.

Imho, if you want best LAN to Wifi speeds, use a separate access point running stock firmware.

I think the speed i'm paying for is 200mb down but its usually only around like 150, I dont really care about the lan to wan speed too much but will do some speedtests when its all fully setup. Main issue with the archer is that accessing my samba share is slow on the main router because of the non gigabit eth.

I factory reset and followed the guide to use eth0.2 and it seems to be working correctly now

Just done some speedtests i'm getting 70 down and 20 up with both the archer and bthub so I assume virgin is having issues at the moment lel