BT Homehub DSL WAN gets "stuck" on boot

Hi there, I've just started using the BT HomeHub 5a with the latest WRT on Vodafone UK and other than trying to figure out how to change the WAN config settings, it has been working great and much faster than the stock Vodafone router.

I do seem to have a problem though. My wife insists on shutting down all things at night and when the router is turned back on in the morning, the WAN/DSL interface becomes somehow "stuck". A reboot of the router doesn't fix it and the only workaround is to log into the GUI and reset the WAN interface with Network->Interfaces->WAN->Restart which seems to kick the hardware interface into working.

Has anyone experienced this bug? I'm wondering how I can automate a script to reset the WAN just in case after bootup?


It sounds like a race condition.

As a first workaround you can try to add a delay for the WAN interface to come up.

On command line (you need to use a ssh client) enter the following commands:

uci set network.wan.delay=30
uci commit network
service network restart

Another option would be to edit /etc/rc.local file via ssh (you can do this within gui also;

sleep 30 # let the device bootup properly
ifdown wan # shutdown wan; optional add wan6 under this entry also
sleep 10 # wait a bit
ifup wan # startup wan again

If you want to try to track this down you could provide first the output of logread.


What version of OpenWrt installed?

Have you seen

Note that ifup includes ifdown, so you don't need to call ifdown explicitly.

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