[BT HomeHub 5A] How can I PERMANENTLYT set DSL parameters with 'dsl_cpe_pipe.sh lfcs'

Title basically.
I see my current settings with 'dsl_cpe_pipe.sh lfcg 0 0' and 'dsl_cpe_pipe.sh lfcg 0 1' and set them with 2 'dsl_cpe_pipe.sh lfcs .... ' calls.
I tried to put them inside the startup script but it is not working. I should run the script only after my DSL connection is properly established (I think, or maybe after the dsl fw is loaded is enough?). Is there a way to attach a script to some kind of "dsl init done" event?

Look into /etc/hotplug.d/dsl/ . As You can see in led_dsl.sh there are four individual states for DSL line .


You can run your script in any of this one states. But In Your case "UP" is what You looking for

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