BT Homehub 5a connection problems - first time user

I have installed the latest version of the LEDE software 17.01.2 onto my Homehub 5a.

I have entered all the info onto the box, port forwards, ISP VDSL2 info etc.

When I connected the box up I can see that the VDSL is connected and up in the summary.

From the start (I don't know if this is normal or not for a fresh install) however the WAN (VDSL), LAN and wireless were three separate entities and can't see/talk to each other.

I have managed to get the LAN and Wireless to now talk to each other and obtain DHCP IP addresses. The last problem (the big one) is that neither the LAN or the wireless can connect to the internet (via the VDSL modem). I am sure it will be something very simple as I can't seem to find it.

Hope someone can help.

In Canada, VCI/VPI is 0/35, so I changed through Luci
Software VLAN: "ptm0.101" Software VLAN: "ptm0.101" (wan)
Software VLAN: "ptm0.35" Software VLAN: "ptm0.35" (wan)
to get a connection

/etc/config/network excerpt:
option _orig_ifname 'ptm0.101'
option _orig_bridge 'false'
option ifname 'ptm0.35'

I am looking for a way to bridge ptm0.35 to the red WAN port at the back of the HH5A, to get a 2nd router/WAN ip.

If your ISP uses PPPoE, you need to check first whether they will allow concurrent PPPoE sessions; my ISP does not, so I could share connections only behinf my pppoe client...

I've had 3 concurrent pppoe sessions going on with a bridged rg505n modem.

Ah, great, then that should work. But may I ask, why you run multiple pppoe sessions over the same link?

Best Regards

Temporarily use 2nd wan ip to confirm Steam server accessibility. and and others have port checking facilities, using just the one wan ip.