BT Home Hub Upgrade to openwrt-22.03.3

Hi Forum,

I have a handful of BT HomeHub 5 Type A's that I'd like to upgrade to openwrt-22.03.3.

I've seen the link: which mentions the error that I see when trying to upgrade.

The devices that I have are currently unconfigured, they were previously upgraded to a 19.07 version, then put away, so they are a 'fresh' install.

I previously tried to carry out the upgrade with the force option (luci) and it bricked the unit. I then had a soldering mishap while trying to re-attach my USB-Serial adaptor, so the unit ended up at the dump.

My understanding of the error and the fix is that keep configuration should be unselected and then a forced upgrade completed. Is this correct? I don't want to brick another really :wink:

I'd appreciate any guidance on the process/ better/ proper ways of achieving the upgrade on this device.

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That's right. Upgrade the devices without keeping the config, they should come back up with a vanilla config on them after the upgrade.

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Thank you. I'll attempt upgrading one later.

Is there any benefit of using the CLI over Luci?

You are much cooler if you use CLI :sunglasses:

Nah, exactly the same :slight_smile:


Thank you, minor sweaty moment while it updated, but all good.

Used Luci, as I'm not cool enough for the CLI :wink:

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fyi 22.03 on HH5a suffers from bootloop issues