BT Home Hub 5A with virgin router

I am using a BT Home Hub 5 with a virgin router using the WAN connection on the hub, ALL internet connectivity is being provided by the Virgin router and I am using the BT Hub to provide LAN connections around the home.
The Wifi on the Virgin Router gets me 200Mbs, but the Hub only gets about 55Mbs. Is there any setting on the hub / openwrt that could be throttling the connections. I am using the latest 21.02 firmware

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If you want better speeds nearer 200mbps, replace the HH5a with a better router.


Thank you all for your assistance.

My friend ended up replacing OpenWrt router with Google Mesh Wifi and he is happy now.

I enabled packet steering and achieved 95Mbs, which I can accept

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software flow-offloading might take it a notch higher as well, but this is kind of a hack and the bthub5 still beyond its capabilities.

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