BT Home Hub 5A Internet Connection

Hey so i have a BT Home Hub 5A and i am having trouble getting intenret to work i i followed the guide to set up Wan to connect to my moderm and and when i connect to wifi thier no internet. when i go into diagnoitic it says 100% packet loss

Is this with VDSL (or something else e.g. virgin fibre?) if so, any particular reason for using an external modem, rather than the internal modem?

So this is Wan it a openwrechh modern

HH5a wired to an Openreach modem works fine with PPPoE, as I've personally had to revert to this configuration when I had to troubleshoot my broadband connection.

Have you inspected the System Log in LuCI?

Who is your ISP?

If you use Windows, use WinSCP and post the /etc/config/network file here (Remember to remove your username & password)

Alternatively, if you have an Openreach Huawei HG612 or ECI B-FOCuS V-2FUb VDSL modem for FTTC fibre broadband, you can disconnect it and plug the HH5a directly into the DSL wall socket (I presume you have an Openreach VDSL faceplate and not using microfilters) as suggested by andyburns.

Just saying that the HH5a can replace the openReach modem, rather than use both ... it can use the external modem though if you want.