BT Home Hub 5A and version 23.05?

I've been a long-time BT Home Hub 5A (lantiq/xrx200) user and kept the firmware current. Well, up to 22.03.5 anyway. But now with the release of 23.05, I do not see a download for the my router any more?

Is it just a case of waiting or is the BT HH 5A at the end of its useful life. Stuck at 22.03.5!

Any insight to the future would be welcome.

Regards, Martin

I guess, that's what @frollic meant...

It might or might not be fixed in due time...

considering many people has this device I guess it will be fixed at some point hopefully.

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Hopefully it`s soon, and yes fekry, this is a widely used router for OpenWRT so im sure many are waiting on the release.

I find that HH5a now has latest firmware listed in firmware selector page
but in wiki page its listed that latest firmware is 22.03.5
has anyone upgraded to latest firmware yet ?
I will try it on one the devices i have for testing next weekend and report back with findings

The wiki isn't always up-to-date.

Yes, I have upgraded (about a month ago, I think) and it all went without a problem.
I used the luci sysupgrade route and even kept all my settings -wonderful.
In fact I have three HH5's, 1 BT & 2 Plusnet.
So a big "thank you" to all the very clever maintainers for making my life sooo... much easier!
Regards, M.

To add to this in case it's useful, I've been trying to track down some odd behaviour of the HomeHub 5A on 23.05.2.

Since upgrading from 22.03, my Windows 11 Surface Studio Laptop (Intel AX200 chipset) would occasionally get in to a weird state where it remains connected to Wi-Fi but fails to route any traffic. A network trace shows it's still receiving broadcast packets and ARP requests so is connected but can't even ping the gateway or access any other clients.

Given the open issue at, I'm wondering if GSWIP/DSA is at the root cause as I have three subnets, each in different VLANs with different firewall rules. It's highly intermittent and is solved by disconnecting/reconnecting the client until it repeats minutes or hours later.

OpenWrt's logread reveals nothing at the time of disconnect. Neither does Windows Event Viewer on the client.

After a few days trying to get to the bottom of it, I've ended up reverting to 22.03.6 and the issue is now resolved.

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This is useful, as I've been experiencing similar issues and have a similar network configuration to you in that I also have three separate subnets and VLANs with wireless traffic relegated to its own subnet.

I have an AVM FRITZBox 7530 and two Homehubs in an 802.11s mesh configuration, and intermittently (after some days, or weeks) the web interface on the Homehubs doesn't respond to requests, and it seems some traffic doesn't get through to some of the clients (specifically MQTT traffic, which is kind of important for my home automation stuff). Oddly, some traffic does get through and it seems you can at least still ping the clients. This was on firmware 22.03.4 specifically.

It's intermittent enough that it is difficult to actually troubleshoot, and as with your post the logs don't really point to anything of use. I've updated to 23.05.2 today on all my routers and I'll try and make a point of posting again to inform whether I'm still experiencing the same kind of issues — if that happens I may try reverting to 22.03.6 assuming your issues are still resolved.

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I've had the same occur a number of times with an AX210 when connected to HH5 via 5GHz (ath10k) but not 2.4GHz (ath9k). However the iwlwifi driver more frequently dies with the Queue stuck error that has been an unresolved mainline bug for years which also only occurs with 5GHz. I just force the AX210 to 2.4GHz for reliability.

I'd guess either the iwlwifi driver or the Intel firmware has bug that vomits against ath10k.

I don't think anything regarding Intel radios is an issue in my case as the only 5Ghz traffic on my network is the backhaul for the mesh with clients all using 2.4Ghz. The troublesome clients actually use Infineon and Broadcom chipsets specifically.

Incidentally I didn't have to wait long for my traffic issues to re-occur, some MQTT traffic failed to deliver this morning and the web interface for one of the Homehubs froze, as before the logs don't indicate anything of interest.

I'm about to try reverting to 22.03.6 but I'm not really expecting it to do much — if there's no change I suppose I could potentially schedule a reboot of the router once a day and see if that helps, but it's more of a workaround than a solution.

As expected I'm still experiencing the same issues with 22.03.6, and even scheduling a periodic restart with a cron job failed to help as the web interface froze again a few hours after the reboot happened.

I've kind of reached my limit with these as I need a reliable wireless network, so I've ordered an Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO which I may flash with OpenWRT in the future assuming my issues are resolved. It's a shame as I do like OpenWRT :frowning: