BT Home Hub 5 Type A Slow DSL

I got myself a Ubiquiti AC-Lite wifi point and turned off my wifi on my HH5. However i only had 40/10 so i wasnt reaching cpu limits. It was the range of the wifi that frustated me with the HH5.

A dedicated WiFi point will pretty much always be better than inbuilt wifi on a all in one router.
Also your OpenWrt is a very old version. Might be time to upgrade to 21.02.1 ?

This version looks the best according to the performance chart. am I wrong?

For an internet facing device like a primary router, performance is not the only thing to look at. IMHO security fixes seem more important and points at running the latest stable version, even if this should come at a performance loss compared to older versions.


As @moeller0 said. Security is key.

There are updates coming however that will potentially gain more performance for older MIPS devices like the HH5.

These are being included in the 5.17 kernel.

That said, master snapshots should provide a noticable speed improvement over 21.02.x and earlier (the new mainlined networking drivers and dsa switch drivers are considerably faster than the previous out of tree ones).


That phoronix article isn't well researched, its basis is a patch series to mainline a NAND driver for ancient broadcom brcm47xx SOCs. No performance improvement, no real change for mips as a whole.


I only noticed it in passing. Bit of a shame because there are so many "obsolete" aka not supported/abandoned ISP routers that could be repurposed as they are still viable.

Ah well. Into the great e-waste pile they go.

Can you recommend me a faster version?

Use either the new 21.02.1 release or as slh suggested the nightly snapshot. Potentially may be easier to wait for a new 21 release with the improvements from master included if you aren't comfortable with using snapshot builds.

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Update: This issue has been resolved in daily snapshots since thisthis commit). It is included in OpenWrt 21:

If you have an internet connection which is significantly faster than 70 Mbps, you may observe the maximum internet to LAN throughput with OpenWrt 18/19 is lower compared to LEDE 17.01. The following commit caused the throughput to drop from 140+ Mbps to 70+ Mbps when SMP is enabled.;a=commit;h=916e33fa1e14b97daf8c9bf07a1b36f9767db679

Only one instead of both cores is used to steer packets to the LAN. OpenWrt bug 2573

Some workarounds are described in this thread:

OpenWrt forum link to modified 18.06.x image which removes the above mentioned commit.

Software Flow Offloading can also be enabled in OpenWrt 19 or later, BUT it is not compatible with Smart Queue Management (SQM).

It is also worth testing with irqbalance running (after installing with “opkg install irqbalance”).

Have the speed issues been fixed in the latest version?

I no longer use the HH5 but i think @bill888 may still do. He is the one who did all the work on his forum for the HH series.

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For LEDE 17, routed performance from ethernet WAN to wifi unlikely to exceed:

Add PPPoE and SQM and speeds will be lower.

For best performance with 100mb VDSL. Imho:

VDSL bridge modem -> wired router (ARM powered OpenWrt?) -> optional Access Point (OEM for 'better' wifi compatibility with devices?)

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which openwrt version has better performance

Thats exactly what i ended up doing with my setup. Huawei HG612 (got better connects with it) -> NanoPI R4S router -> Ubiquiti AC-Lite wifi point. I've kept with the ubiquiti firmware however as i like the stats.

This also means i dump the modem when/if FTTP gets here and keep the rest the same.

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For HH5a, I don't think there is much 'real world' difference with any version of openwrt 18 or later when packet steering fix is applied.

For something more powerful than the HH5a, I suggest looking in 'Hardware Questions and Recommendations' sub-forum for advice if you wish to use OpenWrt. Price, availability and 'stability' will vary between devices.

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openwrt-21.02 will never get those very invasive changes, only 22.xx.0+ will. The 21.02.x release branch is done and dusted, it will get bugfixes, but not major and very invasive (needing a full config reset) new features.

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bit of a shame that. Just as well i've retired mine. Guess i should flash clean install to it and stuff it up on ebay :slight_smile:

Is wan lan performance loss present in tp link 8980?

w8980 uses same Lantiq XWAY VRX268 500MHz MIPS SoC as HH5a, so wan to lan performance will likely be similar.

The 5GHz Wave 300 wifi is also still work in progress?

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