BT Home Hub 5 Type A installation guide?


Does anyone have a clear installation guide for installing the latest LEDE software on to a BT Home Hub 5 type A?

There are several older how to guides on the internet, but I would like an up to date guide using the new LEDE software.

I hope someone can help me out.

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Here you go:

Bill has done an amassing job in writing his guide. It covers near to everything.


thanks for your reply. Yes I have read Bills posts and he has made a great contribution.
I now have a BT HH5 with LEDE installed by someone else but having issues using it as a simple router. I cannot get a the WAN port to pick up an IP address from my main internet router or even work with static IP set.

Any ideas ??

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Same forum, different post:

EDIT: Missed to compare the nick names. You found already the solution. Please post the solution here or point to the ebilan thread to make it easier for people facing the same issue.

The solution was I was missing the vlan2 lines in my /etc/init.d/network file

these are the lines needed for WAN port as vlan2

config switch_vlan
option device 'switch0'
option vlan '2'
option vid '2'
option ports '5 6t'

The HH5 is working great now.

kind regards


Hi all here's a Doc i've put together of my install process, hope this might help someone out. Let me know if i've missed anything during the backup stages. I'm a noob so I may have got stuff wrong. There's also links back to other guides people have done, which I found usefull during the install. The difference with my guide is that i've used Windows throughout the install process.


Thanks to everyone for you help with LEDE it's a great project.


Can I connect ground available on USB to TTL RS232 serial adapter!? Or I have to use the ground in socket.

You can use any ground pad, for me the easiest point of entry were the two solder points connecting the USB port shielding.


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