Bt home hub 5 on18.0.6.1 not reconnecting

HI, I've been running on 18.061 since release and have been very happy, however over last few weeks a random lockup has forced me reboot the router.When doing so it does not reconnect ,shown on the modem line info as power loss 3. if i reset the router from the backup page deleting all settings it reconnects, i then need to put in my dsl0.101 settings to get authentication backup,and all good until reboot???? backups taken when working do not correct the issue , only a clean reset ,using a backup involves a reboot and therefore screws it up again,, any ideas???:roll_eyes:

Can you better describe what you mean by this?

Do you ever pull the power?

Or are you saying this is the only time where you can reboot the router and successfully reconnect?

Probably navigated to LuCI -> Backup/Flash firmware menu, and clicked on 'Factory Reset' ?

@wastedcash Perhaps, try reloading 18.06.1, and downgrading to 17.01.6. If issue persists, hub is probably defective.

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Hi thanks for the replies.
To clarify lleachii i mean that if i power down the router in any way(plug /soft reboot) the modem does not reconnect.I dont ever intentionally pull the power but it may have happened.
If i then "reset" from the software page (removing all my settings) the modem reconnects,and once my isp settings are re-entered i have broadband again.
Bill888 - the router has been fine for a couple of months on 18.06 but i'll ry a downgrade to see if it fixes it.

@wastedcash Does your HH5A reconnect normally if you unplug and replug the modem lead connected at the line filter? The DSL daemon stays running so the HH5A should reconnect; provided the [BT] line isn't dropping out when the local modem goes quiet. Any other issues on your vDSL connection such as an inclement S/N ratio? [ Luci Status > Overview > DSL Status ]

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes if you leave the power on , you can disconnect the telephone lead and it reconnected after 7 minutes,it feels allot slower to reconnect than before.Is there a low level wipe option with openwrt, as some settings like sqm speeds once the software is re-added that are already filled in?

Thanks for the help I just wanted to post the fix.I did the 30/30/30 reset button trick and now working perfect, no retained settings during first config , and reconnecting within 30 seconds when rebooting :slight_smile: