BT HH5a & Netflix

Have purchased a BT HH5a with openwrt installed as the BT software is shockingly locked down.

All is good, amazing speeds, better network and wireless performance, changed DNS servers etc.

Only issue I seem to be having is Netflix fails to load on my TV. TV is hardwired to HH, has internet and other streaming services work fine.

When loading it goes to a blank screen for ages, then throws up an error about not able to access the internet, yet TV itself says it is connected and immediately loading say iPlayer works fine with no issues.

Looks like a firewall issue to me but not sure where to start on the router.

changed them to what ?

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Google, cloudflare and opendns thus far. Thought a good mix would cover incase one fell over.

Try reverting to the ones provided by your ISP, restart the TV (on/off), so it gets the old DNSes, and retry.

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Ok will do, thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

That worked thanks - annoying as I didn't want to use my providers DNS servers but if it keeps the other half happy then all good

You can assign the ISPs DNSes for the TV only, based on the MAC address,
while all the other clients get your mixed bag of DNSes :wink:

6, is the DNS param in the DHCP protocol.


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