I have a BT Home Hub 5 A running 18.06.2

I want to use the secondary WAN port to connect to a 3g modem i have.

If I set WAN6 to DHCP it doesnt pick a DHCP IP address from from my 3G router but connected to laptop it works fine.

Is there additional config I need to make it work and more importantly so the dsl and WAN port can load balance when needed.


Just to avoid confusion, it's not a secondary or a second WAN. It's the manufacturer-dedicated WAN port not a LAN port configured as WAN.

Did you try just WAN?

Also, what happens if you configure the WAN port as static? You could replicate whatever your PC gets.

Thanks for the reply mhegab

Yes thats correct, the router has 1 dsl port 1 wan port and 4 lan ports.

I did try to set a static but it didnt work :frowning:

So with static IP, does the router have internet but not its clients?

If you ping a public IP and a domain form both the router itself and form its client, what works and what doesn't?