BT Business Smart Hub Type A use in Turkey

Hi, I have a BT Business Smart Hub device. I live in Turkey and I want to use this device in bridge mode. When I switch the device to bridge mode, I cannot pppoe connection with the openwrt router. I guess the default vlan id is set to 101. But vlan id was 35 used in Turkey. There is no option to set or disable vlan id on the device. When I wanted to download and edit the configuration, I saw that it was encrypted. Isn't there any way to use this device? I have the possibility to make a serial connection, if it will be a solution.

If it's a bt business hub 5 then you could install openwrt on to it. If it's version 6 (also called smart ) then you can't.

Yes, I know that openwrt cannot be installed. I bought this modem because the processor is the new model BCM63137. My goal was to use it in bridge mode. Does not allow fine adjustments in software. I guess it will remain as garbage in my hand :cry:

It's always like this with isp provided hw - avoid it in the future if there isn't a publicly documented unlock method

The BT Business Hubs often support bridge mode, the Home Hub models typically don't.

I have is the business version. There is a bridge mode but the vlan id cannot be changed. The software is designed for babies. :confused: