Browser on RPi accessing client

I have a camera that can communicate to my RPi for displaying on a TV monitor using a browser or VLC on the RPi. It works. However, the router is busy with lots of other traffic. Since the only two devices for this application are a single camera and the Pi, is there any way using OpenWrt along with a browser or VLC on the same Pi to pick up the information and display it on the Pi's display (TV)?

Some info: Browser is needed to configure the video by going to, the address of camera. Browser or VLC is used to display camera output from where y is one port number higher than configuration port.

The camera is pre-configured for its address/password by connecting to it from the Pi or any other computer being the client or configuration can be changed from the "router" Pi by connecting to

The only devices would be the network are the Pi and the camera. The Pi would be the "router" and a client to connect to the camera.

It is not a security camera so encryption is unimportant.

The Pi would NOT be connected to the internet once it is booted to be the router.

I am also looking at setting up a peer-to-peer network but don't know if the camera can support it.

At some time, we may wish to set up a second camera, perhaps with an additional wi-fi adapter on the Pi so that the second camera would display on an additional Pi monitor/TV.

I have used Pis a lot but not for use as a router. I have used Unix variations starting in 1985, supporting it for HP's customers until I retired 21 years ago and have created customized Pi configurations for various applications since 2015.