Broken download links for TP-LINK TL-WR720N

I'm trying to download OpenWRT for TP-LINK TL-WR720N, but the links are broken (returning a 404 error).


Can anyone help?

What happens if you read/ follow

You do realize that both of these devices no longer meet minimum system requirements - and that openwrt-17.01 has been EOL for several years (and has accumulated multiple unfixed security issues in the mean time)?

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As @slh suggested, you will find the links when browsing via the downloads page:

If you're going to use 17.01, at least use the latest (17.01.7)... but using such old versions is not recommended. It is unsupported, and there are known security vulnerabilities that are relevant if you are exposing the device to an untrusted network (such as the internet) and/or using wifi. I would recommend that you use a more modern device that can support the latest version of OpenWrt (22.03).

Full disclosure... I have two TL-MR3020v1 devices (4/32) that I have setup with 18.06.9 -- also old, unsupported, and riddled with security vulnerabilities. In my case, they sit behind a firewall on a trusted network via ethernet, with wifi disabled and they serve specific purposes -- a UPS monitor and a print server. I would never expose these devices to the internet or enable wifi.

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