Broken build on Fedora 34?


I'm just finish setting up a clean installation of Fedora Server 34, and literally the first thing that I do is to follow the build guide and installed the packages stated on this link

The problem is that when executing ./scripts/feeds update -a I get a Checking 'which'... failed. but the packet is in fact installed, so after a bit of googling I found this topic, and I can confirm the behavior of which which, nevertheless the proposed workaround worked for me.

So if I input unset -f which before the trying to build anything, it works just fine. Weird thing is that before I cleaned install Fedora 34, I have another install where I update from 33 to 34 and never have this problem.


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I get the same error. I just create a symbolic link in the subdirectory staging_dir/host/bin/ :

ln -s /usr/bin/which which

I rerun the command again. Haven't filed a bug either.