Broadcom wl command set

Hi everyone,
I am a researcher at MIT working on a wireless channel estimation problem for IEEE 802.11ac adapter. To that end, I am inclined to use Broadcom chipset. As you might know, Broadcom has a proprietary driver (Broadcom-STA or Broadcom-wl-dkms) that comes with a utility command set which provides some monitoring-level access to the firmware. I was hoping to be able to use this command set in an scripting language, put bunch of them together, and be able to extract channel state information (CSI) from the firmware. Now, does anyone have any experience with this command set? If so, do you know whether the newer IEEE 802.11ac adapters are supported by it?
Particularly, there is this command "wl channel_qa" which seems to be relevant. The problem is I am not even sure whether channel quality measurements that is returned by this commend has anything to do with the matrix of CSI that should be comprised of complex measurements on sub-carriers. There is also no report in internet about the details of the returned information by this command. If anyone knows anything about this specific command or the whole command set, please be kind and share. I need your insight..
Thanks in advance.

To my knowledge, the wl binaries LEDE (or OpenWrt) have access to only support 802.11g/n devices. You're really looking at the wrong stuff.