Broadcasting GPS data via Bluetooth

I need a new MiFi router for my van, and one of the options is a Teltonika unit which is compatible with OpenWrt, has a GNSS/GPS receiver, and Bluetooth.

I'm wondering whether - and how - I could use OpenWrt to send the NMEA data stream via Bluetooth to an Android device for live mapping?

On the Android side I've previously used Bluetooth_GPS to capture NMEA data from Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers and put it into Android's Mock Location, which then shows up on the Android's mapping or navigation software. I'm not sure that's compatible with current Android versions, but alternative apps include Lefebure NTRIP Client, GPS Connector, Bluetooth GNSS.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

How about running gpsd on the router and a suitable client on the android device and connect both over the network?

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It'd be a waste of the wifi to tie it up with local device comms when I need it for the internet.

Can gpsd be connected to the Bluetooth stack?

If you are using gps, that suggests you are on the move, therefore you are not going to be using wifi to connect remotely, only locally.

Can't the device operate as both ap & client?

GPSD is accessible via ip protocols, so unless you can find a way to do that over BT, then no, it cannot be done.

In theory what you are looking for is doable, but not with any out-of-the-box solution that I know of.

An NMEA GPS stream is at most a few tens of bytes per second - that is so negligible with respect to other traffic on WiFi that it's not going to affect internet at all. I suspect your network will have more ARP and other basic overhead traffic on it than that stream would take.

Yes it'll be on the move and the Android device is connected to the router's wifi so as you say, no problem.

Accessing GPSD data via ip address looked like it would be a problem at the Android end; however Bricatta have a GPS Tether Client app which can pick up NMEA data from a server over wifi via an ip address.

That's the only Android app I found; let me know if there are others.

Looks like this will all work and it's a good solution thanks!