Bridging OpenWrt modem to OpenWrt x86

Good Evening Everyone. Hope you are well and Covid is leaving you and family/friends well alone!

I have a question I hope someone can point me in the direction of finding a solution for. With my previous ISP I have been running OpenWRT on a Sagem BT Home Hub 5/PlusNet Hub One. However soon my area is getting upgraded to fibre and it will be terminated in cat5. I have been playing with OpenWRT x86 in a VirtualBox. It's lovely and fast! (Ryzen 5).

The virtualbox is on a machine that is on 24/7 as it also hosts my TV tuner cards and asterisk phone server for domestic and business lines. I have now also installed a 4 port pcie network card, and aim to turn this machine in to a complete media server, phone server and modem.

I want to keep the OpenWRT instance in a virtualbox so it's isolated. What I need to do though is create a bridge. I'd like to use the Sagem HomeHub5/Hub One as just a modem, bridging to the x86 VirtualBox.

Can anyone please point me to a guide that explains how I could bridge my wan interface from an OpenWRT device to another OpenWRT, maintaining the static IP address etc from external to the internal VirtualBox? The internal V/Box can actually do the PPPoE auth if I can bridge over the existing OpenWRT modem. This is all moot after my area enables the FTTP for my building, but in the meantime I want to start learning this stuff and 'playing' so any help would be appriciated.

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You can have a look here.
Isolate the port you want to bridge the atm to into a new vlan.
Bridge the vlan with the atm. That should do it.


In VirtualBox, create a "bridged adapter" from a dedicated hardware port to one of the virtual ports on the VM. Make sure the host OS network manager or similar feature does not attempt to use the port. Set up the modem as a pppoe bridge and connect it with ethernet cable to the port you've bridged over.

For the output of OpenWrt you could bridge it into the port that is on your LAN now. Remove the existing router from the LAN and OpenWrt will serve other LAN devices connected to the PC running the VM.

The setup would be the same for FTTH-- you would only have a different type of modem.


trendy and mk24, those are excellent pointers, Thank You both so much for your assistance. I'll be looking into this at the weekend, but thank you both so much for giving me a pointer, I really appreciate you taking the time to help and advise.

All my best, thanks again, I'll let you know how I get on!!