Bridging issues

My WRT1900ACS v2 router is set to act as an access point for my internal lan running on 192.168.1.*/24 network and act as a dhcp server for the WLAN clients with one url redirect to the internal server.

This is my network setup:

  • Gateway (ISP router) (static ip)
  • Server (static ip)
  • Server's iDRAC (static ip)
  • LEDE br-lan (eth0) (static ip)
  • LEDE wan (eth1) (static ip)
  • WLAN Clients server via br-lan (bridging both Wifi radios) -

br-lan forces DNS to WLAN clients with 6, (being the ip of br-lan) and one url redirect to the internal ip of the server.

When I simply plug the gateway's ethernet cable to the lan (port 1), the wlan clients have no internet access. When this cable is attached to the WAN (internet port), the WLAN clients have internet but are not able to connect to the server and gateway - Destination Host Unreachable.

I have tried to bridge the wan port to the br-lan but such does not resolve.

What can be done? Could it be the firewall...

Solved the issue by disabling IPv6 and WAN