Bridging and routing on the same port


I have a TP-link TL_WR802N with only one ethernet port (eth0).
i would like to connect it to a switch having 2 different subnets( and, and to manage it as a router and as a bridge at the same time

router part :
eth0 ( with wlan0 (dhcp server(

bridge part :
br-lan (eth0 on with wlan0-1

Is it possible to do this with only one ethernet port ?

when I change the bridge part into another router part, everything seems ok.
From a computer, containing 2 different addresses, connect to the switch, I can ping the 2 adresses on the lan (192.168 and 10.0).

Trying to do the same with the bridge, I can only ping the bridge IP (

thanks in advance for your aswers

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Is this switch capable of VLANs?

It's not clear what your use case is and what you intend to accomplish - can you provide more details?

Manage what?

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thank you lleachii,

no, switch is not capable of VLANs

better than a text should be a drawing

At the moment, it was just bought to be a router between 2 different lans, but I'd like to use it for a second specific use as a bridge and I don't know if it's only possible.

If the switch is not managed, that means to support vlans, you won't be able to isolate the traffic of these 2 networks. You can have a single broadcast domain where all devices will be sending the L2 traffic and they will be using the gateway IP of the router to communicate with the other network, but there will be no physical isolation.
If you explain what is the usecase of such a scenario we can help implementing it with such limitation.
But so far the best way to keep things isolated is to have only one wlan bridged to the eth0 and the other wlan will be routed.