Bridge Mode / SingleUser Mode in LEDE

Hi everyone,

does anyone know, how to configure lede to act like some proprietary devices in so called "bridge-mode", where the wan-address (in this case of an lte-card) is given out via dhcp and the whole traffic is strictly forwarded between wwan0 and eth0?

Someone gave me this very old post, but this method is highly outdated, and does not work anymore.

What i want to achieve is this:

[ISP] <---------> [LTE-MODEM with LEDE] <---------> [Main-Router] <---------> [Several Subnets] WAN-IP LAN IP

thanks for help

Not having used any mobile Internet device, what I'm about to say may be wrong. You can use brctl to bridge wwan0 and eth0 assuming wwan0 is/works like an ethernet interface, you also need to disable LAN services like DHCP on eth0, after that you may need to assign a static IP to your PC and connect directly to the bridge to access the bridge. Reboot would change the bridge back to a router. You can change the config file once you know it works so that it stays in bridge mode after reboot.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately the wwan0 device is not a proper ethernet device but raw-ip.

But i managed to get it working with the link in the first post.
However i wanted to do a clean-install and now i struggle again, with it not working anymore. (have some arp-problems now, and dnsmasq refuses to give out the ip-address on eth0 with "no address range available" in logread)